Communication Competence Scale Assessment On Myself And Calculated My Total Score

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I completed the Communication Competence Scale assessment on myself and calculated my total score to be 98, a low score. I also had a family member complete the same assessment based on his perceptions of my communication competence and that score totaled 132, a high score. The significant disparity of the scores indicates that we definitely have different perceptions about my communication competence. I think this is a very interesting assignment to begin our learning on interpersonal communications, as indicated by our text, “Whatever the association, personal relationships clearly play an important role in our lives and communications helps us form and maintain them” (Floyd, 2011, p. 6). I look forward to applying this assessment toward improving my interpersonal communication which has certain relational implications.
Based on the scale, I do not perceive myself to be a very competent communicator. In fact, I only rated myself highly in a few of the questions that were a part of the calculations in step 2, the questions that would yield a “positive” result relating to communicating. However, I do believe that I am a competent communicator in a few areas such as business and social gatherings and also when meeting new people.
I am one of those people that communicates by maintaining eye contact and with facial expressions such as smiling and nodding my head in agreement to indicated understanding. I think this nonverbal feedback provides the speaker with
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