Communication, Conflict, And Conflict

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Communication and Conflict
Margarita Vela
COM325: Communication & Conflict
Instructor: Kenneth Newton
March 10, 2015

Communication and Conflict
Conflict is a contest or struggle between individuals with opposing values, beliefs, needs, goals, and ideas. On teams, conflict is inevitable; on the other hand, the conflict’s outcomes are not predetermined. Conflict may escalate and result in nonproductive outcomes, or it may be beneficially resolved and lead to quality outcomes (Cahn & Abigail, 2014). Hence, learning to handle conflict is essential to a team to guarantee high-performance. Even though few individuals search for conflict more frequently than not, conflict comes up due to miscommunication. It occurs between individuals in reference to their values, goals, beliefs, ideas, and needs.
Why Conflict Occurs
Occasionally, conflicts can appear to ignite and to increase like a wildfire, acting as a destructive raging force with a mysterious, and later forgotten unknown cause. On the other hand, it does not have to be that challenging or complicated to understand. Many conflicts can be traced to some primary areas of life, such as individual needs and desires. Understanding the way conflict begins can assist to successfully navigate and finally resolve it in professional and personal relationships. Concerning value and political barriers, conflict takes place because there are profound divisions in the society that have interpersonal associations. There are…
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