Communication Cycle Health and Social Care Essay

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P2 Theories of communication
-The communication cycle
Effective communication involves a two-way process in which each person tries to understand the viewpoint of the other person." According to Argyle, skilled interpersonal interaction (social skills) involves a cycle in which you have to translate or 'decode' what other people are communicating and constantly adapt your own. Communication is a cycle because when two people communicate they need to check that their ideas have been understood". An example of good communication involves the process of checking understanding, using reflective or active listening.
Argyle's stages of the communication cycle were an idea occurs, message coded, message sent, message received, message
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This is difficult because you need to understand what the pain is and what the source of the pain is so that you can resolve the pain and provide a diagnosis, so if they can’t describe the pain you are unable to do so. You can be asking simple questions which may help you understand what sort of pain they are suffering, also by feeling where they claim the problem is and you can see from their reaction if it is painful, but not inflicting too much pain upon them. Using the communication cycle effectively will help.

How communication cycle may be used to communicate sensitive issues.

* Ideas occur: the nurse will start thinking on how communicate to the wife and that she is going to be the one to tell her. She will ask herself what could be the best way to communicate and when and where she needs to communicate about the husband’s condition. This promotes effective communication.

* Message coded: the nurse has thought about the ideas and has organized her thoughts; she knows exactly what she is going to say. She has to think about the voice tonality she should use in order to prevent the wife thinking the nurse is not bothered about the loss. Body language plays an important role and could show that the nurse cares about the situation. The nurse will start thinking about the language she is going to use and ask herself what the wife already knows about it
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