Communication : Effective And Effective Communication

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Effective communication is an extremely important piece in a business organization. Not only does effective communication increase work flow it also enhances and keeps good morale in the workplace. In effective communication has the reverse effect and can be an anchor on production and workplace morale. According to Rogers,” Communication failures may occur when information is not clear or to complex, which causes problems with information recall. When too much information is given at once, incomplete, unclear and incorrect messages may emerge.” (2015). Two theories behind communication that are important concepts are; the grapevine and formal small group networks. Communication Communication is relied upon not only in the business world put in personal lives and relationships as well. According to Robbins and Judge,” Communication serves four major functions within a group or organization: control, motivation, emotional expression, and information.” (pg. 351 2009). When the four major function are broken down it is easy to see why communication is so influential whether it be effective or ineffective. Personally I have seen both sides of communication effective and non-effective. As a team leader in my former job my effective communication meant getting the job done correctly and ineffective communication lead to out of pocket cost for the mistakes my team made. From scripture, James 1:19,” My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to

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