Communication Encourages Learning Essay

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Communication Encourages Learning The classroom needs to be an open forum in which students and teachers are allowed and encouraged to share opinions and experiences. When this communication breaks down the learning environment also fails. I remember being in the first grade and one of the students in our class was trying to say something to the teacher. Obviously this was not a real stimulating conversation as we were only in the first grade. When the student started talking the teacher became irritated and told the student to stop talking. The student tried again to say something to the teacher, at this point the teacher went ballistic yelling and screaming for the class to be quite and not talk. This teacher proceeded to place the…show more content…
I was fortunate enough to be very athletic, and was always first on the teams, but I can remember how humiliated the kids were who did not get picked. It always seemed that there was at least one person left at the end that the other kids would make fun of and say things like "I don't want him/her or if I take her then you have to take him". Being exposed to this can only reinforce the behavior of the students to be withdrawn. It is also cruel, and most likely will shape the childs behavior for the rest of their school career. Teachers must realize that they are there not only to teach the children facts, but also to teach them how to interact with others. Teaching the basic tools to interact with others in the elementry grades, will help to ensure as they get older they will be able to interact well in the classroom. Communication in the classroom must start in the early grades, and it is also a taught thing for a lot of students. I witnessed an example of the effects not having open communication in the classroom has, by observing an interaction between two students who had just graduated from high school, and not yet begun college. The two students had gone through high school in very different ways, one interacted with others, while the other had been in home school. The one student had gone to a public high school, and had been
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