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Sharde Mercier May 01, 2011 ENG105 English Composition I Professor Willoughby Communication Essay Communication can be defined as the interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information (Communication, n.d.). When done properly this exchange of ideas supports and enhances the flow of new concepts, visions, and emotions. However, when there is a breakdown of communication it gives rise to confusion, judgment, and hurt feelings. Miscommunication is capable of causing unnecessary obstacles in many types of relationships such as friendships, working associations, and particularly in intimate affairs. Close interaction, like personal companionship, thrives on good communication to grow and prosper. But because of the strong emotional…show more content…
Ross immediately walks out on Rachel after those words were spoken believing that Rachel has ended their relationship yet Rachel thought it to be a momentary separation to think things over. Because of this misinterpretation, Ross ends up having a one night stand with another woman and Rachel seeing that as infidelity terminates their relationship for good. The scene that was just described could have played out differently if a few key points were changed. For one, Ross should have given Rachel time to think after work before confronting her about his feelings so that emotions would not have flared so high. On Rachel’s part, she should have chosen her words carefully instead of being so rash with her statement. But the main key aspect that could have been changed to turn this scene around is that Ross should have never walked out. If Ross would have stayed and clarified what a “break” meant to Rachel, he might have never had a one night stand. Assumptions are one of the major sources of miscommunication. Ross assumed he knew what Rachel was thinking and never thought to just ask her about their future together. Miscommunication is not only a misunderstanding of a person’s words but also a misunderstanding of a person’s actions and body language. One has to be conscious of his/her words and actions in order to clearly relay their true intentions, and then maybe a free flow of ideas can truly be achieved. Clouded by heavy
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