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Communication Communicating means the passing on or receiving of information. Communication is important so that information, instructions, directions and requests can be passed between people and organisations. Internal and External communications This can be by verbal, non-verbal or written means between people within the same organisation e.g. change of venue for meeting, which is internal communication because the information sent around within the organisation. Text Box: [IMAGE]External communications take place between one organisation and another e.g. Order/delivery confirmation or from one…show more content…
Advantages Disadvantages Parties can see each other; it is like a face-to-face meeting. Not all organisations have access to video conferencing equipment Saves people travelling to the same place, as you don’t need to be in the same place. Can be expensive to buy and run. This can be held between different countries. Saves travelling costs. Phone calls, this is a cheap and quick method of one to one communication as most people have access to a telephone either at work or at home. Advantages Disadvantages Quick Response. You don’t know who you are talking to. Nearly everyone has access to a phone. The Importance of Passing on Information It is important for a business that information is passed on correctly, quickly and securely. Poor or misleading sales and market information could lead a company to make a wrong decision in deciding their future business strategy. In a competitive market it is also important that you are first to have vital market information ahead of your competitors, as this gives you an advantage. Personal information must be stored correctly and securely and not passed onto other people without their permission. The storage and use of personal information is controlled by the Data Protection Act 1998. Examples of
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