Communication Facilities for Disaster Management System

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Communication facilities for disaster management System [pic] Over the last few decades, a numbers of countries have set up disaster management information systems according to their own specific needs. Disasters are unpredictable and occur suddenly like earthquake, floods, drought and cyclone etc. Communication facilities for disaster management system is most important act as it convey at the right time communication in disaster,it may handle disaster and helping to decrease it. Two type of information needs in disaster management Pre disaster information: Question arise that how to get pre disaster information? It is getting from the research and analysis department of the geography in the country. Post disaster…show more content…
They all need different set of communication because each one is performing a different role. Thus, it appears that satellite communication; education and remote sensing can be very well integrated to define the Disaster Management System. Much of this is going to be realized in the ISRO's 10th Five Year Plan. Some of the key elements addressed are creating data base of flood and cyclone prone areas, ortho-photomaps of priority cities and towns located in high risk seismic zones, improvised drought bulletins, operational system for forest fire, GIS based decision support system for disaster management. Similarly, plans that are more comprehensive are underway in the area of satellite communication and education. FUNCTIONING OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT ORGANISATION AND METHODOLOGY TO COPE WITH DISASTERS IN INDIA VINOD K. SHARMA* SUMMARY In VIEW of the frequency of natural disasters in the country, a well-structured and integrated disaster administration mechanism has evolved over the years. Besides, a number of organisations who supplement the efforts of the government at Central, State District levels provide vital input during emergencies and for preparedness and rehabilitation measures have also been now being institutionalised. This

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