Communication In Baltimore

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Based on where we’re from can have a lot to do with how we communicate with one another. Language is apart of our culture and way of life. We become accustomed to the way of life based on our surroundings and the language being spoken around us. In my city we have our own type of language or “slang” that we use on a day by day basis that many may never have heard before. Baltimore isn’t just known for our famous blue crabs or our flag colors; we’ve been known for our city accents as well. The speculation of most Baltimore natives just simply being uneducated is merely false and just an opinion, we say things how we understand when talking to each other. For instance we took the word “Dog” and pronounce it as “Doug” or refer to one another as “Yo.” This doesn’t make us uneducated this makes Baltimore city because without our own way of speaking we wouldn’t stand out.…show more content…
But what it hides is the shy girl who’s afraid of being away from home or the army brat who’s traveled and lived around the world. Baltimore is where I feel most comfortable and am one with my people. My language says that I’m outside the box and won’t conform to the newest lingo or word. But it also shows that I come from struggle and a hard place that has overcome many struggles. But overall I wouldn’t say my language defines me or categorizes my personality. Language only has a small amount to do with who I am or how educated I may or may not be or even how I behave. My language comes off as rough and sometimes very improper but it’s the “Baltimorian way” as we say back home. Our way of speaking really masked who we really are without knowing one another. We look at each other and to hear someone using the same slang or language we’re using you assume they’re lesser
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