Communication Interactive Analysis Essay

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COMMUNICATION INTERACTIVE ANALYSIS Goal for the interaction: My goals for the interaction was to create and build a therapeutic relationship with the client. I hoped to use multiple communication techniques such as the use of open ended questions and general leads. Description of the environment: The interaction first took place in the cafeteria of the home during breakfast. We were both seated at a table and there was plenty of background noise as there were multiple people eating and having conversations. Later on the interaction moved to the client’s room because it was quiet and there was almost no background noise. The client sat on the edge of here bed while I sat on a chair beside the bed. Student’s Communication (including…show more content…
Open-ended questions were necessary throughout this interaction because without them the client would not have given me the information that I was searching for. Open-ended questions helped me to build trust between the client and I. They ensured the client that I was interested in what they were saying. “That’s amazing, can you tell me about your stay here?” • I used silence to allow for the client to think about how she was feeling. I also used facial expressions to show my interest and curiosity. I was beginning to become worried and anxious that I would not be able to complete the assignment because I wasn’t receiving the information I was expecting from this interaction. “I like it here quite a bit, the building is new, I remember when this was just bush. There is also many people around my age so I always have someone to talk to” • The client sat on the edge of her bed and gestured around to the building and surrounding rooms Asking clients to share something about themselves and their life history, apart from the reasons for the health visit or administration helps to establish rapport and increases the client’s comfort level (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p.373). Older adults are likely to
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