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How a Senior Director Of Communications In MILB, Received A Salary Increase Just By Taking Initiative. Jeff Lantz, senior communications director of Minor League Baseball, grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, where he always enjoyed sports since he was a kid. In 1997, Lantz received a bachelor's degree in journalism/communications from Iowa State University. During his time at ISU, Lantz interned for a day with the Iowa Cubs. He was eventually hired to intern for a full season, but Lantz later found out that he would be working in s position that was not his interest job. While most people that intern preferably want to work in their interest job, Jeff Lantz instead accepted a position in group ticket sales with the Cubs. He knew it did not…show more content…
He talked to the Orioles people because they were playing each other in spring training and said “hey I know someone in Iowa that can do this job for you.”... I sent my resume to a few people in Baltimore and two days later, I was on a flight there for an interview. Q: Once you made it to the big leagues by working in the public relations department in Baltimore, what was the most challenging case you had to deal with? A: We had a player that was allegedly involved in a shooting in the Dominican Republic. We were kind of stuck since we did not have ties with the Dominican police and we did not have someone to go to for updates. It was kind of a challenge because we didn’t have any facts to make a statement on it so it was sort of a wait and see. Q: What was your favorite experience in your career so far? A: It had to be September of 2014, when the Orioles clinched the American League East division for the first time since 1997. I got to Baltimore in 2008 and they were terrible… Over the course of seven years from going worst to being first and knowing all of the time and effort that our department, coaches and players put in - that 10-15 minutes of everyone spraying champagne in the locker room is what you do it for. Q: What piece of advice did you receive that stuck with you throughout your career? A: Chase your dreams. I always
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