Communication Is A Basic Human Activity

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What can nurses do to enhance their communication with the characteristics of the person you have chosen.

“Communication is a basic human activity” and “enables us to connect with each other” (Pihulyk, 2003, Michael Langley, 2006) demonstrate that communication plays a fundamental role in people’s life. It can be defined as the process of sharing meaning and understanding. It is absolutely critical in society because it can builds and maintains relationships, increases productivity and helps people to work together harmoniously. In the nursing field, good communication between nurses and patients can lead to a successful outcome of person-centred care. Patients express their concerns, fears and needs to nurses whom will then take the information and prepare treatment and a rehabilitation plan for health advisement.
(Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). The physical abilities, education and experience of nurses can make great contribution to an effective communication. Patient Concetta de Rosa is a 55 years old woman who speaks very limited English and was sent to hospital with complications originating from diabetes. There are some barriers such as gender, language difference, cultural background and confident level that she might face may cause a failure in the communication process and lead to an undesirable result. Stand on the situation, nurses can apply different facilitators to help to reduce the barriers raised from this individual patient.

Nurse-patient communication
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