Communication Is A Basic Life Skill

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According to Severi, C. (2013), “Communication involves an understanding of the intentions of someone, and it leads to the acquisition of new knowledge (not only to the repetition of the task)”.
Communication is important to an organization because it enables the employees to build a mutual understanding which enables them to work as a team and increase productivity. The author Dai, Y. pointed out that McKay claims, "Communication is a basic life skill, as important as the skills by which you make your way through school or earn a living" (McKay, 2009, p. 1). In a business place communicating will promote productively, ethical work practice, relationships, profits and customer satisfaction. Managers are required to ensure that the employees are introduced to the organization’s polices usually in an oral and/or written manner. Practicing communication will result in a safe work environment. The manager and subordinate relationship is all based off of communication. Providing employees with interpersonal converse will most likely encourage their efforts to contribute hard work in the business place. The communication process gives guidance on an effective way to send a message in a professional method.
Analyzing the Communication Process According to studies the communication process consists of several different components. The first component is the sender. The sender is an individual or agency whose role in the communication process is to gather all the…

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