Communication Is A Cornerstone Of Building A Strong Relationship

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Communication is a cornerstone of building a strong relationship (Robinson, 2012). Numerous studies show that marriages that do not have an effective communication between partners easily end up in divorces. Researchers have identified the habits that people have that hinder effective communication in marriages (Kusi & Kusi, 2015). These habits are: avoiding the expression of honest feelings and opinions about issues; failing to listen to a partner and being quick to react to the partner’s comments on issues; being subjective in a dialogue; failing to allow a partner adequate time to respond to one’s questions; and using negative impolite language that seem to order a partner rather than request a partner (Kusi & Kusi, 2015). These habits and much hinder effective communication in marriages, which often lead to divorces.
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Many people believe that infidelity is the major cause of divorces in relationships. However, this is not the case. The main cause of failure in a relationship is the lack of proper communication. Infidelity, trust issues, different expectations, addictions, responsibilities, money issues, narcissism, and different priorities are simply the underlying factors that cause a deterioration in communication among couples (Wright, 2000). Consequently, poor communication, which is triggered by the underlying factors, is the basic cause of break-ups (Chapman, 2013). This research aims to affirm that poor communication is the major cause
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