Communication Is A Fundamental Part Of Every Aspect Of Human Social Life

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Communication processes are a fundamental part of virtually every aspect of human social life. It is important to gain knowledge and understanding about how communication works within certain relationships. There are many factors that play into how people communicate with one another. Gender and gender stereotyping effect how men and woman communicate and interact in many settings. Men and women are often treated differently in many contexts, such as in the workplace (Heilman, 1995). Differential treatment based on these gender stereotypes can cause a problematic work environment for both men and women (Jackson, 1993). Since these stereotyped beliefs about the attributes of men and women are pervasive and widely shared something needs to change. It is important to gain knowledge and understanding about communication in organizational relationships so that more effective communication skills can be obtained and in turn better quality relationships can be achieved. Conducting research is one way to get to know the problematic communication that happens because of gender stereotyping. Research invariably leads to a better understanding of and a deeper appreciation for the communication phenomenon under investigation. Research can provide the knowledge to enable understanding and change. I propose to conduct a study that explores what gender is and how gender roles and gender stereotyping are communicated within organizational relationships and contexts. This communication
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