Communication Is A Process Of An Organization Afloat

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In order to achieve the proper success need to keep an organization afloat, a system must be put into place to secure the effectiveness of communications. Communication is not something that is a given, according to Kreps, “communication is a process” and “communication does not start and stop; it is continuous, dynamic, ongoing, and cumulative. Whenever we create and respond to messages—either internally or externally generated messages—and create meanings in response to these messages, we are engaging in the process of communication. Since we send messages to ourselves and to others all the time (whether intentionally or unintentionally), and we are constantly creating meanings to help us make sense of our world, the communication process surrounds us all the time (Kreps, 2011). There are five concepts that are important to ensure that this is achieve which are having effective leaders and management in place, overall organization and order of a business, proper staffing, conflict resolution and general human communication intact. It is important that an organization, company or business hit these five concepts in order to receive full advancement. Currently I am writing a proposal for an organization in which I will explain these five concepts in more details to show how they are important in the communication success for this company. The company I will be working with is a college in which the employees assist with getting adults into higher education by offer degree…
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