Communication Is A Two Way Flow

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Communication is a two way flow of conversation where something is achieved e.g information effective communication is important in health and social care because through communication which is listening and talking you can make a better relationship with client. effective communication can make you understand your client emotions and feelings for example if a nurse is having a conversion with a patient and the nurse seem friendly , have positive body languages and interacting well, the patient is likely to open up to the nurse and discuss any worry that he/she is facing, which lead to better relationship. when communicating you need to show that you 're interested in what the person is saying, the more you look interested the more the…show more content…
The cycle is as follows:

1. An idea occurs. For example, let us say that our idea is wanting to buy a car.

2. Message coded. This would be us putting our desire of a car into whatever medium we wish to communicate with. This may be a language, pictures, writing, or any other medium you can think of.

3. Message sent. Here we have communicated our desire for wanting a car.

4. Message received. The person or perhaps target audience we wish to notify of our desire to have a car [perhaps a parental figure] has received our message.

5. Message decoded. They now must take what we have said and attempt to decode it. Now, "I want a car" is pretty straightforward, but remember, not everyone is as transparent as this, and this is the step where communication breakdown may occur as they may decode our message incorrectly.

6. Message understood. Hopefully the last step was effective and they understand what you were trying to communicate. Now the cycle can begin anew.

Burnard and Morrison

According to the Philip Burnard and Paul Morrison (1997), A lot of communication in care work involves building a relationship with the service user. This involves giving them emotional support which builds trust. They also argued that communication without caring for the person in some way would not be able to work. Service users that go through emotional issues i.e. A
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