Communication Is An Activity That Affects The Nurses ' Way Of Thinking

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Communication is an activity that most people partake in on a daily basis. Learning to communicate in a therapeutic setting can be a challenge to any new nursing student. With verbal and nonverbal communication being seen as valuable and needed in psychiatric nursing. Learning to master such skills is an important step in guiding patient care. This writer believes that with discovering one’s own beliefs, setting up for a successful one to one relationship, and learning effective forms of verbal and non-verbal communication, psychiatric nurses can provide patients with the therapeutic opportunity that is needed for truly understanding patient needs. This writer will review and discuss relevant evidenced based research to support this claim. Discovering one’s own beliefs while learning the process of therapeutic communication may impact the nurses’ way of thinking. Often the psychiatric nurse is the first contact a patient will have when coming in to a facility. If critical thinking skills are insufficient due to the lack of not knowing oneself, the nurse can potentially be putting themselves in a dangerous situation. Learning how to use the Johari window when trying to understand ones inner self, will guide the nurse on the path of self-discovery. In one of the windows there is a category that is defined as the blind self, where traits are “seen by others and not by self” (Ingham & Luft, 1995, figure 13.4), this pane is particularly important as this is how the nurse will
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