Communication Is An Important Element Of Communication

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Communication is the process of collecting all relevant information, interpret them and effectively transmitting the information to the person who might need it. Communication is an important parameter involved in project. Project team member has to collaborate, share and integrate information and knowledge to realize project objectives. It is mandatory to understand the communication process. Communication has three components, i.e. sender, transmitter and receiver. And there is also another component for communication i.e. the medium of communication. Which could be either verbal or oral way of communication. The success of communication basically depends on the ability to speak, write, reason and listen clearly. The important element …show more content…
Poor communication during the project affects the schedule, the cost, the safety of workers and the project quality. Improved communication by the project head improvise the project success rate, innovation and technical solution, and also better decision making.
There are two primary lines of communication that is formal and informal communication. and if the formal way of communication is considered, there are four different directions the communication could flow i.e. downward communications, upward communication, horizontal communication, diagonal communication. whereas the informal way of communication uses channels such as the grapevine, rumors, informal social groups and phatic communications. It may begin with anyone in the organization and may flow in any direction. The most commonly used communication method for the execution of project are written, oral and electronic communication, out of which written and oral communication are the highly effective way of communication. On taking construction project as example, the PM has to communicate effectively regarding the cost, time and quality, based on which the success of the project is decided. Communication skill of the project manager lead heavily to the successful execution of the construction project which could lead the team effectively.

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