Communication Is An Important Part Of Lives

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Communication Challenges Communication is an important part of lives. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with good communication skills. Poor communication can cause conflicts in our personal and professional lives. However, good communication will strengthen relationships and lead to success both personally and professionally. A little over a year ago, I went to the eye doctor for my yearly exam; I told him that I was having trouble reading things up close. Much to my surprise my vision had improved and my contacts were just too strong. Before I left, we talked about ordering new contacts and new glasses since my prescription had changed. A month later I called my eye doctor’s office to see if my new contacts had come in since I had not heard from them.
It seems that Dr. Thomason and I had a miscommunication, he thought I was coming back to pick out glasses when he received some new frames and I thought he was ordering contacts and I was coming back to look at the new frames when they came in. This is just one example of how poor communication can cause problems.
In this case we were both guilty of not listening or hearing only what we want to. Poor listening can lead to many problems. Unfortunately, even when we are good listeners there can still be communication problems. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what the speaker is saying. There were a lot of times at my former job when my boss was telling me something and I did not know what he was talking…
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