Communication Is An Important Staple Of Human History

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Communication is an important staple of human history. From the use of Egyptian hieroglyphs to the first appearance of emojis in Japan during the late nineteen-nineties. Methods of communication are ever-evolving and it is only a matter of time before the next sweeping form of interaction changes how we communicate. Before exploring the revolution which took place in the late nineteenth century, it is important to look at the pre-telephone era, the factors that went into the invention of the telephone, how the telephone changed the world, and how it impacts society today. When talking about the pre-telephone era, many people fail to realize that their were many well-established forms of communication. The first official United States Post Office was established on July 25, 1775 and was headed by Benjamin Franklin. (USPS) The Telegraph was the fastest form of communication prior to the telephone, with it’s utilization of the electric signals through wire, it was an excellent form of communication which allowed for messages to be sent across sea in relatively reasonable time. (USDS) Postal Service and Telegraphy were great methods of communication, but they never reached the heart of communication, conversation between two people can only exist in short hand in telegraphy and it would take weeks for mail to come back and forth between sender and receiver. However, on a diligent March day in the Basement of a Boston University Professor, the first phone call was made only a
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