Communication Is An Integral Part Of Our Society Essay

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Communication is an integral part of our society, the ability to learn from, share and connect to one another on a global scale has enabled the human species to develop societies, the economy, knowledge and technologies to its current epoch. As a society, the ability to communicate is crucial, likewise the ability to communicate as an individual is just as important. The main form of communication within human society is language (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014b). This essay will discuss language, what it is, as well as how children are affected by language throughout different stages of their childhood and beyond.

Language is a symbolic system (Piaget, as referenced in Fellowes & Oakley, 2014a) which incorporates more than words alone, but includes the use of; words, tone, ‘body language’, register and facial expression. With this being said there are languages which exist containing no words, or speech at all. Auslan is an example of this, this is a form of sign language and is the language which is used by many Australian people who are deaf. Languages such as this allow people who are deaf to effectively communicate and connect with the world around them.

Language is a complicated system in which one must be trained, to gain the ability to decipher the meaning of what is being communicated. To understand these tools, one must look at the “four key components of spoken language” (Fellowes & Oakley, 2014b). Firstly, the Phonological component, this is the auditory module of

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