Communication Is Critical In Health Care To Both Providers

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Communication is critical in health care to both providers and patients. Effective communication can save people’s lives and help to make a provider more successful in their practice. The essential elements in communication apply to both basic communication and communication within health care. However, there are additional components needed to effectively communicate in health care such as preparedness, friendliness and sensitivity. Providers can inspire confidence in patients that may be reluctant to communicate and help them to communicate openly by developing a patient-centered approach. A patient-centered approach will also assist in dealing with cultural differences more successfully in the health care environment. Patient-centered…show more content…
“Experiences such as these remind us of the value of acceptance and diversity in understanding ourselves and others (Allen, 2017).” There are many barriers in healthcare, no matter how much a medical staff may want to avoid the problem it may even make it worst if avoided. There are many difficult patients; they may have been brought in unwillingly by a family member. Dealing with difficult patients need a lot of communication skills to sooth them and calm them down. Since the patient may have been brought in unwillingly they may we unwilling to open up to the medical assistant or to the physician (Hendricks, 2013). These patients may be an angry, depressed, talkative, silent, or even anxious. As medical professional we must communicate with these types of patients in comforting words and reassuring them with whatever is troubling them (AMA, 2006). As patients we all know how busy the doctor’s office can be. We may think that we have all the time in the world to discuss our problems and our opinions to our physician but in reality we do not. Since Rad techs work with many different physician, communications is essential. The communication skills of the busy physician can often lead to poor communication but many physicians are working his or her way into becoming a better listener and communicators. Patient-physician communication
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