Communication Is Essential For Business As Well As Interpersonal Relationships

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Communication is essential to business as well as interpersonal relationships. The ability to express oneself with coherence and cogency is of the utmost importance to your professional and personal success. Effective communication solves and also prevents problems. Think back to all those times you endured a conflict with a person or institution as a result of poor communication or a complete lack of communication. When people are not sure what others mean, intend or desire, they are inclined to make a mistake or do something to create an uncomfortable conflict with the other party. The communication tips outlined below will help you express your thoughts and feelings in clear terms that leave no room for interpretation. The end result …show more content…

Start at the beginning by introducing the topic so you can properly set the stage for your thoughts, feelings and anything else you desire to communicate. Do not lose sight of the fact that most people live incredibly busy lives. The typical professional is extremely busy and will require a detailed explanation of the what of the matter before he can properly analyze your opinion, thoughts, feelings etc. So be specific. Do not use general words like “thing” or “it” to express yourself. These terms are much too vague. Such overly broad terms will only waste time by confusing the other party and forcing you to rehash your statement with clearer terms.

2. Key in on Which

Specificity is of the utmost importance in verbal and written communication. Though the which of the matter might not be of critical importance in each communication, you should ponder whether you are narrowing in on the exact subject you desire to communicate about. Otherwise, you will leave the other party confused. Zero in on specific subjects rather than assuming your audience will understand what you mean. In reality, using phrases like “the next one” or “the other one” only makes it that much more difficult for listeners and readers to understand what you really mean.

3. Focus on the Who of the Matter

Be crystal clear as to who you are attempting to address, who else is involved in the communication and who you are. Do not use vague

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