Communication Is Essential For Everyday Life

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Communication is essential to everyday life. Everyone is performing some form of communication daily whether it be through face to face interaction, online, video conference, non-verbal cues, or writing. According to the National Communication Association, communication is defined as “…how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The [communication] discipline promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication.” The definition of communication has evolved over time with the rise of digital platforms, thus, introducing a new way of communication called “digital communication.” Though this evolution may seem like a recent development, research conducted back in the 1940s has greatly influenced the digital era and communication strategies today. Named the father of the Digital Age, Claude Shannon published the Mathematical Theory of Communication in 1948. In this article, Shannon discussed the basic elements of the communication system which includes the transmitter, information source, channel, receiver and destination. Claude Shannon and his findings had a great influence on how information from phones, videos, and music, and most digital technologies are transformed into data. His article explained how mathematics could aid communication when transferring messages. Therefore, allowing digital communication to become a predominate form of communication. According to, digital
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