Communication Is Essential For The Successful Execution Of Operations

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The Communication Process is defined as the transmission of information, and the exchange of meaning, between at least two people (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010). Throughout the business world, it can be argued that comprehensible communication is imperative to the successful execution of operations. Organizational effectiveness is extremely significant to any accountancy firm - predominantly due to how interlinked a company’s accounts are – which in turn causes employees and managers to rely on the work of colleagues above and below them. Therefore clear communication is essential to ensuring efficiency and a high quality of work. Through the essay we shall comment on key barriers to communication, ranging from “Differences in Power” to “Cultural and Language differences”, and construct strategic solutions which we believe would positively influence the accountancy firm.

Barrier to Communication: Power Difference

Problem 1: Unapproachable superiors

Evidence suggests that employee communication has become significantly more important due to a rise in alternative information – notably on the Internet – and the increase in employee expectations (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010). However, throughout the business world, it can be argued that a difference in power can have a detrimental effect on communication for both those who are in and those who are not in power. This is notable for firms in industries such as accountancy, where a hierarchical system is in place; there is a
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