Communication Is The Basic Of Human Existence

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There is no doubt that, communication plays a very important role in our daily life, some people consider that it’s the basic of human existence (Németh, 2015). But what is communication and why it is so important for us? Today I will talk about “communication” and discuss its importance.

Long time ago , ancestors of human beings were living in caves, picked fruits in the trees as food, ate raw meat. And at that time, communication has been a necessary survival skill of them. Just think about that, when ancient humans were hunting a huge animal, they cannot face the huge wild animals alone, they must form a group and work together. So communication was born. They allocated everyone’s task, helped each other and start teamwork. Through researches, the original communication is body language mainly and less simple verbal communication (Ulbæk, 1998). With time was gone, ancient humans evolved to Homo sapiens , due to needs of communication, human beings started creating somethings to communicate and record. The original method is drawing, like cliff painting and wall painting . Gradually, drawing cannot satisfy their needs, so language and wordage come into the world, meanwhile the dawn of civilization began appearing. From that time on, as the most significant carriers of communication, language and wordage continue to use until now. Then time to modern society, appearing of Internet boosts development of communication vastly. Internet makes the whole world form a big
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