Communication Is The Best Key For Solving A Interpersonal Relation

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The communication can be interpreted as sharing thought and expression between people to ensure and understand each other. The benefits of communication provides a people to get a several advantage. One of the benefit of communication could be share a sincere feeling by communication to become truly close by together. Also by communication, people whom are in the team, they can coperated to develop teamwork. Another reason communication is imporant is because it can prevent a misunderstanding between people to keep relationship on good . The communication should be one of the necessary method to know for all the people who are sharing sincere feeling, work as a team, and prevent misunderstanding to prevent personal relationships trouble. During the conversation, it is important to share a sincere feeling between people to deliever a true of mind. The communication also could be the one of the method to give opponent a ture of mind by sharing thought and expression. Unfortunately, some of people are struggling about interpersonal relation because by some reasons. In my opinion, the communication would be the best key for solving a interpersonal relationship whatever it made that situations. For exmaple, me and my sister are four-years gap that make us been to less familar until we having a communication due to living in far away.My sister and my father were at United States to perparing to new lives, and my mom and I were in South Korea to finish my schooling in middle…

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