Communication Is The Biggest Type Of Communication

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From the beginning of time to the year 2015, our world has evolved to heights that no one could ever imagine. The crazy thing about it is the thing that pushes and makes people in our world eager to evolve even more is communication. Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information or news and it is a means of connection between people or places. This known factor can be used as a large tool of improvement in any thing anybody could possibly think of relationships, teams, jobs, and as our world knows, evolution. People now a days are aware of how huge communication is to our world, to the point they want to make it so much easier to the people. When people think about communication, they automatically think of verbal communication but the biggest type of communication is nonverbal. Statistics point out that 93% of a human’s everyday life is nonverbal communication. That number is completely irrelevant because the study of human behavior and communication is a very difficult discipline that a lot of people have very different views on. Saying that, the number still holds to show that nonverbal communication is just as vital, maybe even more, than verbal communication.
Communication is the act of expressing ideas, information, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings, as well as understanding what others express. The communication process involves both sending and receiving messages and can take many forms. Verbal communication is the spoken word, while nonverbal…

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