Communication Is The Cornerstone From Which All Concerted Efforts Are Enabled

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Communication Communication is the cornerstone from which all concerted efforts are enabled. In her study, Fisher (2009) stated that communication is one of the five critical elements of leadership. Fisher (2009) also identified that, as social change agents, our charge is to empower our clients to reach the upper tiers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs through the use of “proaction (thinking ahead), values and ethics, empowerment, vision, and communication” (p.355). However, Cottham’s (2015) TED talk, she reported that to be effective in the world of social services, agencies and professionals must move on beyond mere communication and make relationship building social services’ primary concern. Although the VA is (presently) a well-funded, executive branch cabinet level institution which services a select population of Americans, the bureaucracy does not promote relationships. Veterans must qualify for services, in which the VA acts as the gatekeeper to these much needed resources. If the veteran qualifies for services, they are likely to be subject to a faceless medical model that tries to do too much for veterans with finite resources. The organization is so large that many employees do not know what services are available to veterans even when the resources are located on the same campus. With the advent of E-mail, the VA makes an ineffective attempt to educate its employees by bombarding them with countless announcements, which are likely to be discarded without

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