Communication Is The Easiest And Most Effective Form Of Communication

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Within most workplaces, the easiest and most effective form of communication is to bring all employees involved together into the same room for a meeting. This idea was and still is a preferred method of communication. The idea of meetings stretches across all industries and cultures, and has the potential to be extremely effective. The trouble though, is that workplace meetings do not always live up to their potential and are not as effective as they could be. A manager’s ability to lead an efficient and effective meeting is a very important skill to have within the realm of communication. In order to try and find out what it takes to run an effective meeting, several sources written by academics will be summarized and examined. To begin…show more content…
The study also found that focused communication lead to better team effectiveness, as did speaking up when goals were unclear. This article gives strong indication that preparation is extremely important, so the manager can come into the meeting knowing what it is that they want to talk about. It also shows that giving an introduction is very important as well, as the data clearly shows that effectiveness rises when people are given context and clarity to what they are trying to achieve. The clarity of the meeting’s goal is not the only aspect that makes meetings run smoothly, as will be shown with the next source.
The second article that discusses the theory of meetings is titled Meetings: Necessary Evil or Effective Management Tool? By Pratt (2001). In this article, it looks at ways that managers can use meetings more effectively. Effective meetings are describes as to have the following factors, “important issues are discussed, time is not wasted, team members do not “turn off” and stop contributing, high-quality decisions are made, and power is not usurped by cliques” (p.244) .The paper is based off of the author’s idea that meetings are an essential tool for managers but that many managers don’t know how to use them properly, which leads to wasted time. Pratt gives several suggestions on how managers can improve their meeting skills. The first is to know why you want to
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