Communication Is The Greatest Asset Of Civilization

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Communication is the greatest asset of civilization. It is through our ability to understand and convey thoughts that we are able to cooperate for the good of our community, whether it be local or global. Because communication holds so much power it must also be used with care. If used unwisely, communication has the ability to destroy relationships and make cooperation impossible. The six barriers of communication will be discussed in the following paragraphs and they are cliché, jargon, slang, sexist and racist language, euphemisms, and doublespeak. Cliché is what happens when a saying that once held great power has fallen into disuse. Due to repetition all great sayings tend to lose their luster, just as a joke is hardly ever as funny as the first time it was heard. One example of this is “you 'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Though there may be a valuable point here it is often lost because no one wants to catch flies and most people are too caught up on the strangeness of the saying to truly consider the wisdom of its message. Jargon is the language of academia or other groups that use vocabulary that is specific to their particular area of expertise. The vast majority of the population are unfamiliar with this range of vocabulary. Some people may try to use it in an attempt to sound more intelligent to lay folk, though they will only manage to insult such an audience and possibly inspire hatred or loathing. Medicine is a good example of where
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