Communication Is The Invention Of The Mobile Phone

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Communication is clearly defined by the 2014 Oxford Dictionary press as the “means of imparting or exchanging information accomplished through use of speaking, writing or some other medium.” However this means of communication has changed somewhat over the years starting perhaps in the early years as paintings and drawings used as symbols right up to social media and even ‘Skype’ style online video chats between two or more people. But most likely the biggest aspect in the development of communication was the invention of the mobile phone in the mid-1940s. The original purpose of this new technology was for the wealthy to communicate freely with people on the move, as compared to only being able to contact people when they were at home. At…show more content…
These issues are becoming prominent in our daily lives and can be directly attributed to the excessive and overarching use of mobile phones. Interruptions to the work-life balance Thanks to vast improvements in mobile phone technology it is now not uncommon to come across phones purely for work situations, the idea behind this is that the user can not only reply to phone calls etc on the run but also assess important data, browse the web, check emails, calendars and other useful applications whilst on the run (Out of office) essentially improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the work life. This increased flexibility presents the worker with quite a dilemma. What is the limit to flexibility and acceptable working hours, and how to manage the fine line between work life and home time as the demand in availability and responsiveness increases due to the fact that you are always contactable? In a report done by the Australian Mobile
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