Communication Is The Key Of A Marriage

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• Communication Communication is the key in a marriage, it can make and break a marriage. In order to manage conflict in a marriage the answer in communication. Various marriages have diverse ways of communicating. Sue and Bill problems are mostly created due to the lack of an effective communication skill. Communication and intimacy goes hand in hand. Increase in communication between a couples can increase the intimacy between that couples. Before will had an affair there was a lack of confirmation between sue and bill. They fail to recognize each other and express the worth the person has to the significant other .The lack of traction management in this marriage has caused the conflict in between bill and sue to escalade that not only them are the victims of this conflict but also their children. The disability to exercise self-control has created this breach in their marriage because every single conversation that arises does not accomplish anything but all it does is ass more fuel to the fire. According to this passage Bill works long hours at a factory, he pays child support to Kiki and in addition he provides money for Sue and their children’s needs. After his long day he come home to fight with his wife, the failure for sue and bill to study there partners metamessage or conversational style has created conversational pattern that is detrimental to the marriage. • Conflict Conflict can occur in a marriage when one spouse needs or desire are mismatched to the other
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