Communication Is The Most Important Element Behind A Successful School

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Communication is probably the most important element behind a successful school. While it takes more than good communication to run the day-to-day operations of a school building, all systems would come to a halt without open and honest communication. Both informal and formal communications between leadership and staff must be thoughtful and respectful. It is much easier to tackle the difficult elements of a leadership position if you have taken the time to develop relationships with the staff that are based on trust and earned respect. Effective communication is the cornerstone of productive leadership. Studies suggest that we spend 75% of our professional day in active communication with others (Brown, XXXX). It would stand to reason that an engaged leader would want to take steps to make his or her communication as positively impactful as possible. “When an administrator implements purposeful communication, he or she is conveying information for the purpose of completing a task while maintaining a positive relationship with stakeholders” (Cox, 2014). Formal communication opportunities, especially those around a change initiative, will be far more impactful when specific steps are adhered to beforehand. Effective communicators define and refine their message. They take the time to plan what they wish to say and to consider what the possible concerns of stakeholders might be ahead of time. Because time is of the essence, it is important for effective communicators to…
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