Communication Is The Most Important Tool

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Introduction Communication is a way to getting information across from patients to medical staff. Due to the treatment that patients will receive. The importance of communication is to convey the most appropriate treatment available. Communication is delivered in many ways but the most common is verbal. By doing this type of method the communication it will give medical staff a history of what has happened to the patient. It also, indicate to medical staff what type of medical treatment that is required and for future planning. Communication is a very useful tool to have in a medical setting. Patients spend most of their time talking to medical staff whilst they are in care. If, there wasn’t any type of communication at all, medical staff wouldn’t be able to assist patients with their concerns or emergencies. Medications would be administered incorrectly and patient records history would be misleading. The wrong treatment would occur and patients may even pass away as a result of poor communications skills. Using some type of communication is the most important tool one can have in the medical environment. If, this can’t be done by verbal communication then find another solution like, pictures, photos, note pad and pen or sign language with an interpreter. All these types of methods are essential. Communication is a basic tool that has been given to us by god. What are some of the barriers to communication in health care? Support 1 From (JBI Database of Systematic Reviews
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