Communication Is The Process Of Acting On Information

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Communication is the process of acting on information (Beebe et al, 2011). It is a two way process, but the way the receiver perceives the message could be different (Seller, 2010). Therefore, the way we interpret message depends on our values, beliefs and attitudes (Beebe et al, 20011). Moreover, “the better we understand our own behavior and values, the more consistent we will be in our interpersonal and supervisory relationships” (Forkosh, 2009). The lectures and seminars gives the desire to understand my intrapersonal self. The first few components of the two-part essay awoken the desire for self-improvement. I became transparent to areas that need interpersonal communication. The last section of the essay concludes my journey towards positive communication improvement towards others. I conclude that the essay helps in developing strategies to improve intrapersonal, interpersonal, and interprofessional communication. I applied the knowledge I have acquired in this course, I used my discoveries effectively and gave feedbacks on my interpersonal skill development. I learned that empathy - the art of seeing the world as someone else sees it - is better than sympathy – a feeling of pity or a sense of compassion towards others (Beebe et al, 2011). When one feels empathy, it means one understands the feeling of others and their actions (Beebe et al, 2011). I applied this skill during the seminar when my partner told me her grandmother died from a
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