Communication Is The Single Most Effective Method Of Sharing Information

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Introduction Communication is the single most effective method of sharing information. Communication is the transfer of information from one individual to another or from leadership to subordinates to convey a message that requires a response or following from the other. Effective communication provides guidance to the workforce. In an organization, communication may be employed to give direction about how a task should be done, or it may be to convey the organizations mission and value to affect the organization’s culture. Specifically, in a health care organization, clear, concise communication is essential to design a comprehensive care plan with patients and to coordinate care amongst health care professionals. Therefore, in this paper the author will discuss the consequences and cost of ineffective communication in a health care organization then the author will formulate a strategic plan to improve communication within a health care organization by formulating a plan that includes formative and summative evaluation process. The audience for this presentation is hospital nurse leaders and executives. The culture of an organization must be reinforced starting with senior leaders. If senior leaders emulate the behavior of care, then staff and subordinates will follow. The effect of miscommunication Communication is a method of exchanging information between individuals. In a health care organization various types of communication is conducted. For example,

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