Communication Is The Underlying Reason For The Success Of Many Organisations

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Introduction Great communication is the underlying reason for the success of many organisations. It is one of the most important skills that a person can have. Be it an employee, student or friend, no one can succeed without communication. Communication isn’t just about transmitting information from one person to another; it is also about expressing our emotions, knowledge, information and exchanging ideas. Communication can also refer to our body language, facial expression and tone of voice. But most importantly if done correctly, great communication can build great relationships. Organizational communications is the communication interaction between members of an organisation or employees (Barrett, 2002). Organisational communication can be split into two components; external and internal communication. External communication is communication to the external employers or audiences while internal communication is between employees within the organisation (Manning, 1992). Kreps (1990) defined organizational communication as the process whereby members gather information about their organization and the changes occurring within it. Generally organizational communication has two objectives. The primary objective is to inform the workforce about their tasks and the policy issues of the organization (De Ridder, 2003; Francis, 1989). Organizational communication is defined as “transmitting news about the work from organization to employees and through employees

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