Communication Is The Way Of Sharing Our Ideas

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What the life would be like without communication? As it has been said that human being is a communicative object, and the humanitarian cannot be established without a communication system (Harris, Nelson, 2008). As a result of that, communication is imperative for human being to interact with people, nature in order to survive and live in a secure life. As Harris & Nelson (2008) indicated communication is the way of sharing our ideas, and feelings with people. In addition to the importance of communication, communication is not only important in our life but in any organization. According to that Harris and Nelson (2008) communication plays a major role in all activities in workplace. Also Greenbaum, Clampitt, Willihnganz (1988) emphasized that communication is an important tool to achieve the organization’s effectiveness “ communication is of fundamental importance in the operation of all organizations, and a knowledge of the efficiency of the general communication system in vital to achieve high levels of organizational effectiveness” (p. 245). Communication within an organization is defined as groups of people have exact goal, and they work to accomplish this goal. They can interact by messages; these messages could be transferred from person to another through, writings, face to face or channels (Papa, Daniels, & Spiker, 2007). Later on, scholars focused more on the flow of information and the quality of information not just the concept of flowing the information
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