Communication Is Vital Organ Of Any Organisation

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Communication is vital organ of any organisation. Communication plays a significant role running efficiently day to day operations of the company. Communication practices in organisations play a decisive role in company’s success and failure (Fearn-Banks, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to explore Hynes strategic approach to managerial communication. The paper will further investigate a situation that depicts communication crises. For the purpose of the communication crises analysis, case study of Walmart has been selected to investigate deeply into the crisis and devising solutions for managing the communication issues.
Managerial Communication
Just as the organs, brain, eye, heart, kidney, liver and lungs are vital to sustain human life activity, for management communication is vital. Efficient communication facilitates the process of exchange of information within the organisation. Effective communication with in the organisation also enables the employee’s particular the managers and executives to exchange and influence thoughts, ideas, behaviours, understandings and attitudes of each other. For the managers, communication is an effective tool to lead, control, organise and plan the day to day activities of organisation. In the absence of communication it will be quite difficult for the managers to convey the subordinates about the agendas, needs, goals, values relationship, authority and other significant organisation relevant factors. In short, communication is…
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