Communication : Language And Communication

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Hannah Tate
ENG 111.4405
17 November 2015
Language and Communication Imagine moving to a different country and not understanding the language and the not knowing how to ask for help? This would be difficult for anyone to experience. Individuals will most likely encounter someone that speaks a different language. Those that are trying to understand someone that has a different language can be difficult when they do not speak the language. Individuals will try to communicate in some way even if they do not know the language. Some of the ways that people will try to communicate is non-verbal communication or an interpreter. Communication barriers can cause difficulties in understanding someone’s language such as cultural differences. People should learn a different language because this will allow them to communicate with fewer problems. Intercultural language causes communication barriers. Misunderstandings can cause barriers on how people communicate with each other. When individuals encounter people from a different language, sometimes they do not know how to react or are afraid that they may say something that could offend the other person. One example is that what one person says, it does not necessarily mean what they intended to say. For example, they may ask an interpreter that speaks that language to translate the other person’s words. In the article, “Language, Communication and Style,” Dima-Laza states, “a receiver’s understanding of the message that they
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