Communication, Language, And Language

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Throughout the many years’ humans have been on earth we have always been studying other animals, and the way they communicate, and through the many discoveries we have found many animals that have shown incredibly communication abilities, like dolphins who are able to communicate with a complex language and Titi monkeys who talk with sentence structure.
Before we can talk about the ways dolphins and titi monkeys communicate I think we should discuss a little about communication and language. What is communication and Language? Communication could be defined as passing and receiving information(Koshal). This could be in many forms Talking face to face, reading each other body language or simple by touch is a way to communicate with someone. Language is about the words whether there being spoken, written or by hand(Koshal). And language could be considered as a form of communication(Koshal). But the absolute main difference would be that language focuses on the words and communication focuses mainly on the message being spoken(Koshal).
Out of all the animals on this planet I believe that human beings treat dolphins with more respect and admiration than any other animal on this planet. Why this is I don’t know, it could be because of their language and we feel closer with them when around them. Or it could be instinctual because since the early times, humans and dolphins have always had this special connection. No one understands why but I do know that dolphins are incredibly
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