Communication Leads our Relationships

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Communication: is incorporated in everyday life, especially at school and within present studies. Communication can have many relationships with other people, a person may have strong relationships with their friends, teachers and families. The teacher and student relationship is when there is a strong relationship between the student and their teacher where they are confident to communicate questions about tasks or assessments to make sure the task is completed to the best of your ability. Communication is a very important part of society as a whole, a community is unable to function without communication. Communication within the council and letting citizens of the community know recent news and updates, also talking between workers and customers. Communicating with neighbours and other members within society is another way of staying up to date on what is going on within the community. The way that I use communication within my studies is talking to peers in the class about the task or if there is a group task that has been set communicating and making sure that each part has been completed before the due date to get the best possible result. Depending on what task is set or who I speak to I use either formal or informal language, when I speak to a teacher or an adult that I do not know, I normally use formal language but if I am speaking to my friends at break times or outside of school then I use informal language. I have done the Youth Opportunities course which
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