Communication: Letter Responses

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Response to Ms. Isley Dear Ms. Isley, Thank you for your response, and I appreciate your honesty in expressing how you feel. I understand you feel disrespected by my actions, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my illness has caused you. Being physically ill can often cloud our judgment. I do not want to use my illness as an excuse for poor communication. You are right; it would have been better if I could have taken the time to phone you personally. That might have prevented you from taking time off work. Instead of phoning each student individually, I sent out a group email. At the time it seemed like the reasonable thing to do, but now I see it might have come across as if I did not care about the students who count on me. Therefore, I understand why you are upset even though I most assuredly do respect you. Now that I have a clearer idea of the extent of my illness, I have asked my assistant to take over my duties while I am still too ill to work. Together, we will see to it that you and your classmates are placed in the courses that you need and want. I certainly want to assure that you will get a spot in Grayson's International Marketing Class. If that is your main concern, I urge you not to worry. I have done some preliminary research and it turns out that there are plenty of spots and you will be on the list. As you said, this is your education and this is your time to shine. I am happy to hear that you are taking your education seriously. Once
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