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Introduction The essay below defines the process of communication and its mediums, outlines the main types of mediums, and describes why it is important to carefully choose the right way of communication when trying to deliver a message to recipients. Communication and its mediums. Communication is a very important aspect of everyday life. From the time we are born we are involved in this process. It’s one of the very first skills we learn in life, it’s something we do every day, and still the huge amount of mistakes are often made on a day-to-day basis when people try to communicate with each other. Why? Well first of all we have to identify “Communication”. According to Henry McClave “Communication can be defined as the process by…show more content…
What makes social media so powerful is the way it enables team collaboration. Examples of social media communication include instant messaging, Microsoft SharePoint, Facebook, LinkedIn, wikis and Twitter. Many of the web-based project management tools are also considered to be social media tools since they enable better collaboration. One-Way Audio and Video Communication Another type of communication medium is one-way audio and video. With this type of communication you are recording your message to be listened to or viewed by your receiver at some time of their choosing. Examples include voicemail, podcasts and YouTube videos. Podcasts and videos are excellent for sharing information, especially for teaching purposes. You can present a lot of information that the receiver can go over at their convenience and as many times as they like. Voicemail is a different creature. You usually leave a voicemail because the receiver wasn 't able to take your phone call. It is what I call a "plan B" action. Because of this, a strategic communicator will have planned what he will say in the voicemail before making the call. Conclusion. Communication is a huge part of human life. People communicate from the time they are born. Probably that’s why sometimes there is a wrong perception that communication is easy. Communication is a complex and difficult skill, which involves lots of studying and practical exercising. One of the most important aspects of successful
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