Communication Methods At Diageo Communication Portfolio

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Diageo Communication portfolio

Durham University
Communication Portfolio
11 January 2015

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Communication Methods at Diageo 4
Recommended Communication Techniques 6
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Creative Element 11
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Introduction Due to stiff competition, marketing has become an essential component in the management of organizations. According to Turnbull and Paliwoda (2012) marketing revolves around the manner in which organisations communicate with consumers in the market. There are two main perspectives towards the understanding of what marketing is. From one perspective, it is the manner in which organisations communicate with their consumers regarding the existing products and also commication that is geared towards creating positive perceptions in the consumer market. Thus the approach points out that marketing is a tool used for value creation. The other perspective of marketing is more comprehensive as it encompases marketing as a tool and a process in the organization. with regards to this perspective, Challagalla, Murtha, and Jaworski (2014) define marketing as: “the process of conception planning and execution, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods, ideas and services.” This means that marketing starts from the designing and producing products and services, to when they are promoted and distributed to the consumers. Marketing strategies of enhancing sales can be implemented anywhere within the…

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