Communication Networks, Conflict Management, And Crisis Communication

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Introduction At first glance, attempting to create a list of the most important ideas presented in the second half of our course was difficult. All of the topics presented have merit and importance. All can and will have influence on my personal and business lives either now or in the future. So, to narrow the list, I decided to address the three ideas that will have the most immediate impact in my life: communication networks, conflict management, and crisis communication. Communication Networks Our discussion of communication networks brought clarity to the communication paths in my business environment. With church leadership or basketball team leadership, the communication paths from leaders to participants are clear because the…show more content…
I need to ensure that the answers to these following questions are an unequivocal “yes”: • Do the members of senior leadership receive a clear picture of the information I escalate? • Does their return message make it through clearly? • If I gave a senior leader a subject matter test on a project that he or she had just approved, would he or she have a sufficient understanding of the project details to actually pass the test? • Do our senior managers truly understand the scope and impact of their technology requests? • And, if I asked these questions at varying levels of the organization, would the responses be consistent or would there be a perception gap across those levels? Moving forward, I will be sure to build my requests with the approval layers in mind. I will seek to structure them so that each management level receives the information it needs (which I already do) and that the overall requests includes information packages that are already consolidated for each level (which I do not currently do). Of course, each management layer could adjust the suggestions, but I will at least be exerting more input in the consolidation process than the zero influence on it that I have exercised to date. Conflict Management Every perfect process is ruined when you introduce people! I say it with a smile, but it is true. People are not robotic. Every individual is a unique
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