Communication Networks Linking Smart Grid

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SCADA vulnerabilities Increased communication: Communication networks linking smart grid or any other critical infrastructure devices and systems is creating more access points to the devices, hence chances of being attacked are increasing, Increased complexity: The systems are becoming more complex to understand hence establishing a strong security in the system is becoming a difficult task. Use of shared technology: The SCADA systems are using a major portion of common technologies, these technologies are known to the industry and to the attackers hence a subject of weaknesses. More automation: More automation has resulted in less human interference, once a subsystem is compromised it is getting difficult to protect the control of…show more content…
Procedures for SCADA Security ought to supplement the efforts to establish safety executed to keep the corporate system secure. An attack may strike from either cyber penetration or other threats such as insider attacks within the corporate. The security policy should compromise different aspects of securities in layers to protect the SCADA system which provides operation of the critical infrastructures. These security aspects may be counted for increased security according to the layers can be listed in series as: SCADA firewall and router security and configuration,: the SCADA system and the router should have proper security and configuration setting installed for suspicious threats. Firewall installation with appropriate configuration with regular updates for high security should be done. Access control: often, the login credentials are targeted and unauthorized access can be gained. The network and systems should have strong login credentials to protect unauthorized access into the server. Use of high security technlogy such as biometrics should be applied to authenticate the user. Use of proxy servers: the use of proxy servers is an essential component of cyber security, it provides hands on advantage of operational functionality of the system upon being hit by an attacker, the purpose of the proxy servers is to act as a decoy and retaliate accordingly.
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