Communication Norms And Five Task Norms Essay

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All teams should strive to develop team norms, as norms help teams to build cohesion and strong team relationships (Richards, 2016). As with any relationship, effective communication is the key. Without it relationships fail. Communication within groups or teams will only be as effective as their team leader. It is imperative that team leaders set the norms for effective team communication (Richards, 2016).
Team members should realize that norms are designed to bring them together, and create an atmosphere that is inclusive and productive. As team members begin their developmental process they must understand that the norms that are formed during these stages, will evolve and change over time (Richards, 2016). In this paper I will annotate five communication norms and five task norms that I believe can lead to effective performance by team members. The paper will explain why I feel these norms are important to the success of a team. In addition the paper will display an action plan that can be useful in the development and enforcement of task and communication norms.
Communication Norms

Communication it self seems like an easy task. It is done everyday, and individuals engage in some sort of communication on a daily basis, but in reality, effective communication is not easy. It is a complex task that can send and receive the wrong message (Daft 2012). Therefore, it is critical for leaders and team members to ensure that proper communication skills are
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